Mapa Asturias zonas de abastecimiento
The generic system of supply

The Water Consortium currently supplies the Municipal Councils located in the Central Region of Asturias where the majority of the Principality’s population lives (more than 740,000 people), complementing the needs that these do not cover with their own resources. It also directly supplies large industrial consumers such as Arcelor, Asturiana de Zinc, Corporación Alimentaria Peña Santa, Du Pont de Nemours, etc. Furthermore, it collaborates with ACUNOR (Aguas de la Cuenca del Norte) in the installation of the Western Coastal Region’s supply system based on the Navia River, which is currently under construction.

At the moment, The Water Consortium of Asturias manages the following infrastructures:

  • The Tanes and Rioseco Reservoirs, with respective capacities of 34.4 Hm3 and 4.3 Hm3.
  • The Rioseco Drinking Water Treatment Plant, with a capacity of 3,200 litres/second.
  • A transport network made up of over 13 kilometres of 2.6-metre diameter tunnels, 120 kilometres of pipeline with diameters of between 1.8 and 0.3 metres, 4 pumping stations, 1 intermediate reservoir of 180,000 m3 and another of 25,000 m3, and various regulation, derivation and measuring installations.