Legal notice


THE WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS considers the privacy of the users of their Website as tantamount.

The WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS hereby notifies you, the user, of its protection policy with respect to the personal details that you might freely and voluntarily decide to provide the WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS with, and of the personal details that it can access as a result of your visiting our website.

Therefore, and in conformance with that established by the Spanish Data Protection Act, we notify you of the following:

  • Identificación de los Administradores de la Web: CONSORCIO PARA EL ABASTECIMIENTO DE AGUA Y SANEAMIENTO EN EL PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS – C/ Santa Susana, 15– 33007 Oviedo (Asturias) e-mail:
  • Whenever we receive a visit to our Website, our server automatically recognises the following: the IP address, the date and time the website is accessed and exited, the files downloaded and the suggestions entered in the forms accessed by the user./li>
  • The information that we file is limited to those details that the user voluntarily provides us with by way of either the forms set up for this purpose and/or the e-mails sent to the aforementioned address.
  • We use the information we file for statistical management and website operation purposes, namely for knowing the most visited sections, and the suggestions that you might make using the form specifically set up for that purpose to extract the most frequently asked questions and/or most commonly made suggestions or queries. Likewise, we hereby inform you that the CVs we receive via e-mail, or by any other means, are added to our ‘Candidates’ file in order to carry out the administrative procedures we deem necessary for providing a reply and/or initiating any staff recruitment and employment processes on behalf of the organisation, in the event of us receiving the consent of the applicants, with the exception being situations in which said applicants voice their opposition or wish to cancel their applications, in which case this shall be done in writing using the postal address indicated in point 1.
  • If users provide us with their Postal Address and/or E-mail Address: they entitle us to send them any information and/or response with respect to the matter for which they initially provided us with their communication details.
  • Users shall be entitled to exercise their rights of access, cancellation and rectification with respect to their details in writing, with all communications being sent to the address of the WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS’ head office, which is given in point 1.
  • The WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS has adopted the levels of data protection security required by law and has installed all the means and measures available in order to avoid these being lost, misused, altered or accessed without authorisation. However, all users must be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable. Therefore, the WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS is unable to guarantee that unauthorised third parties, acting illegitimately, cannot acquire knowledge as to the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of usage to which users put our website, and in the event of this occurring, the WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS cannot be held responsible.
  • Any claim or complaint shall have to be communicated to the WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS (via the aforementioned channels, see point 1), who shall resolve it within a time period of 10 days.


In conformance with that established in Art. 5 of Spanish Organic Statute 15/1999, we hereby notify you of the voluntary nature of the personal details we request you provide in this form. Likewise, we take this opportunity to inform you that in the event of the details in question being provided, these shall be included in the files of the CONSORCIO DE AGUAS DE ASTURIAS (WATER CONSORTIUM OF ASTURIAS) and used internally both for statistical management and website operational procedures, such as calculating the most visited sections, acting upon the suggestions that you might make via the form in question, extracting the most frequently occurring questions and/or suggestions or queries.

All rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection shall form part of the management policy of the entity CONSORCIO PARA EL ABASTECIMIENTO DE AGUA Y SANEAMIENTO EN EL PRINCIPADO DE ASTURIAS (CONSORTIUM FOR THE SUPPLY OF WATER AND SANITATION IN THE PRINCIPALITY OF ASTURIAS) – Calle Santa Susana, 15– 33007 Oviedo (Asturias)- SPAIN